“Laying the Keel” or: The Story of What to do When You Have an Extra Chevy 1 Ton Pickup Truck Laying Around, and You Get Bored One Day

Now that you know what the pirate ship is, perhaps I can tell you a little tale about how the pirate ship came to be.

As I mentioned earlier, there are three ship builders in this saga. Chris has allowed us to use his vessel, to make a many a wench wet when she boards it. (Get your mind out the gutter!) Sean has made it possible for such a lass to hoist herself up, and easily board this vessel. (What is wrong with you?!) And I have made two areas for such a woman to be – one area (the wench’s deck) for them to shake their booty, and another area (the poop deck) for them to rest up on. (Okay, that one is funny – poop deck.)

So far, we have constructed most of the wooden bar, and we are now able to focus more on the extras. Up topside, on the bow [up front, on top of the cab and over the hood] – we have the wench’s deck. Then back aft, on the stern [on the rear end of the truck, on top of the flatbed] – there is the poop deck… Okay, I hear you snickering again.

Before we go on any further, let me explain to you what a poop deck is. According to Merriam-Webster, the poop deck is: the flat surface on the raised structure at the rear of a ship. The poop deck is generally the portion of the ship over the captain’s quarters (which was usually the most aft portion of the ship). Seeing as this is a pickup truck (and not an actual ship), and as there is no captain’s cabin, per se, we will have to settle for the poop deck being the area most aft of the pirate ship. Plus, seeing as this poop deck is mainly extra seating for those that are in need of rest (or pooped), they may very well be on the poop deck. Just do not mistake this for the head, as that is where one would actually relieve themselves.

Here is a picture of your typical masted wooden sailing ship, one that would be a common sight during the golden age of piracy. Take note of the area in the back of the ship (the stern). The area above the captain’s cabin, with the banister around it? That is the poop deck. I will be welding the framework for that, and Sean will be facing it with wood, making it to look presentable for the world behind us to see.

Man O' War Cutaway

I got this picture from a site simply called: Pirates of the Caribbean (http://pirates.hegewisch.net/pirates.html) There is a lot of information on pirate ships and all things pirate there, so feel free to check it out.

Now that you have had your pirate history lesson, and you are now more aware of the nomenclatures of a real pirate ship…

Back to the Pirate Ship!! And by that, I mean, let us return to the 1969 Chevy C30, known as “The Pirate Ship“. [We really need to work on that name. As fun as it is to work on a pirate ship, it really should be called by a proper name. It is like naming your canine, “dog”. Yes, that is what it is, and it does describe it perfectly, but… Com’ on! It is a pirate ship! It should have a good piratey name. In due time, I suppose. In due time, but I digress… back with the story!]

This Chevy started life as a simple 1 ton flatbed pickup truck.


I am sure that it got plenty of use, and I guess it was happy enough just being a work truck… but who wants to settle for happy enough? And who wouldn’t want to be a pirate?!


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