When Pictures Speak Louder than Words

The Pirate Ship has been coming along pretty nicely. We got a canopy up, and did some more wood and metal work to it, we are getting it ready to install the poop deck.


Sean was able to craft up some stairs, and get a helm started (the big steering wheel in the back).


We got some new pirate flags for it. What would a pirate ship be, without a few Jolly Rogers? Here is a picture of one of them — our recruiting flag!


Chris got some blue florescent lights, the tubes make for the actual lighting, and the LED lights that sporadically blink, subtly creat the illusion of water beneath us.


We had to test fit the bar back bottle keep…


…and a name drop, with some clever product placement, to all my friends on the little Island of Gran Canaria, I think it worked out just fine!


About frankenjeep

I had this great idea to transform a little dispatch Jeep into something it was never intended to be... This is its story. View all posts by frankenjeep

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