ARGH! Get Back to Work Ye Scallywags!!

Yesterday, Saturday, Chris and I made our way to Prescott to visit the wrecking yard. Boy, did we hit the motherload! We found a conversion van that was loaded! A 1993 Chevy conversion van gave its life for the greater good of the Pirate Ship… so we pillaged and plundered, like any good pirate would! Check out this booty!

We got lights


…and other wood fixtures


What good pirate does without his trusty clipboard? Wait, what?! Well, we have that covered too.


We even have a first aid kit, for when our mates get wounded.



Today, only a few of us were able to make it to church, others had plans. But, rest assured, all will be there next week.

We got quite a lot done today. Chris was able to run wire for most of the Pirate Ship. I am nearly finished with the poop deck, and will be ready to make way on the Wench’s Deck next Sunday. I have four more braces to weld, and this thing is solid!


Sean had an appointment to keep, but was able to stop by in the early morning, and let us know the plans for his upcoming projects. That way we could work in harmony with what he wanted to do.

I think he will be happy with how the poop deck is coming along. It is already much stronger than we had anticipated, but since we are to add speakers beneath it, I will be reinforcing it even more. I have two 45° angles to weld on each end, bottom and top, for a total of four structural braces. Chris wants to put two 10″ subwoofers and two 6×9 speakers inside the underbelly of the poop deck.

Oh, speaking of… Today, we found out the origin of the word “poop deck” – from the French word for stern, la poupe, from Latin puppis.

Thank you Google, and damn you Frenchies! Why must you give us such silly names for things?

And on that note… I will see you again soon! Tune in next week, when we learn about… Haha! I kid!

We will be building more pirate ship next week. Stick around, and see what we come up with next!


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I had this great idea to transform a little dispatch Jeep into something it was never intended to be... This is its story. View all posts by frankenjeep

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