Yo Ho… Oh NO!!

You may have been wondering what has come of the Pirate Ship… I haven’t heard from you in awhile, how is everything going? You may be asking.

Well, the Pirate Ship is no longer — a truck. You heard right. While I have been out in the middle of the ocean, playing pirate on a drill ship, the Pirate Ship has decided it will not be moved under its own power.

I got a call from Chris stating that the engine stopped, and would not start back up. They did everything they possibly could, in order to get it up and running again, but all attempts were futile. In the end, the tired engine just gave up, and they had to give it a proper burial. They sold the cab and the transmission, and now the Pirate Ship is a towed trailer.

You didn’t think that a little issue of propulsion (or lack thereof) was going to keep these pirates down, did you?


While the northeastern United States in snowed in, under three feet of snow, these guys are in shorts and tee shirts… in January. I love it!!


As sad as I am to see this not be completed as a pickup… now “There is room for activities!”

This will actually open up many possibilities for us.


Here you can see the poop deck taking shape (I promise it is a real thing). This will be a seating area for scallywags and sea wenches.


Dennis made this bad ass treasure chest!


While everyone will be watching the Superbowl, I will be in Trinidad on the lookout for a few key items — Rum, cigars, and anything piratey!

I will keep you posted on what I come across!


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I had this great idea to transform a little dispatch Jeep into something it was never intended to be... This is its story. View all posts by frankenjeep

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